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About us

BONTEL — unique fire safety solutions

BONTEL specialises in modern high-tech solutions and standards in fire safety, and in comprehensive protection for military, civilian and industrial facilities. Our services include developing and supporting project documentation and coordinating its approval with official regulators , equipment delivery, installation and maintenance.

BONTEL is the exclusive manufacturer of BONTEL fire-fighting products, which are based on a unique wet chemical agent. Our products are certified and comply with current fire safety requirements. Their main advantages are their environmental friendliness, use of a minimum amount of agent in a highly effective combined extinguishing method, and a long service life. 


Our history

To protect its citizens and their possessions, as well as corporate and state property, the country needed to develop more effective weapons against fire.

The most successful and sophisticated response to that challenge is an innovative solution that we have developed here at BONTEL. Combining an Swiss legacy of scientific excellence with the latest international developments, BONTEL experts have created an organic fire-extinguishing agent with unique properties that enable it to extinguish fires at any stage.

BONTEL has built on its own know-how to develop, enhance and deploy fire extinguishing equipment with a wide range of applications under the BONTEL tradename, which meets the highest international fire safety standards.
As well as fully complying with European laws and regulations, our products are highly effective and environmentally safe, significantly outperforming past-generation fire extinguishing systems in every key aspect.


Many World regions have implemented major projects to protect welfare, educational, healthcare and cultural facilities, including residential care homes, children’s homes, museums, libraries, hospitals, schools, nurseries, and so on, against fire.
An equally important area of our activity is manufacturing consumer products that are reliable, durable and easy to use.


Our mission

To protect lives and property from fire damage by developing safety products that are highly advanced and easy to use

Key growth areas


– Expanding corporate sales

 –   Expanding retail sales 


Improving operational efficiency:   – Increasing production capacity   –   Developing regional sales


Expanding our product range and entering new product segments


Combined extinguishing method

Unlike other agents, the unique BONTEL fire extinguishing agent works via a combination of extinguishing methods.  

When the BONTEL wet chemical agent heats up, some of it turns into a gas, which actively displaces oxygen from the combustion zone (while leaving enough for anyone in the room to breathe).

The rest remains a agent, and, when it hits a hot surface, forms a film that has a cooling effect, preventing re-ignition and stopping smouldering.

As the agent is made from organic material, the film on the extinguished surface decomposes naturally within 24 hours.

It is also harmless to humans, the environment and equipment, so our systems are suitable for hospitals, nurseries, schools, crowded places, and so on.  

We use only high-quality materials and the latest innovative solutions in our fire suppression systems.

One recent change to our products is that we have replaced the sprinkler in our suspended modular systems. In these systems we have replaced the sprinkler head with another element, ensuring that a wider area is effectively sprayed. In addition, our systems use the water mist sprinkling technology, and with such fine spraying smoke is suppressed to a very large extent.  

The BONTEL high-performance fire extinguishing agent 
is what all of our products are based on.

We develop and deploy high-performance fire extinguishing agents
and fire safety equipment based on them, marketed under the BONTEL tradename.


Displaces oxygen
from the combustion zone

Cools surfaces,
stopping smouldering  

Forms a protective film,
preventing re-ignition

Making it

More effective than other systems, with less fire extinguishing agent used


Completely harmless
to people and the environment